Pelvic pain is common in pregnancy and unfortunately sometimes after the birth as well. Which is not surprising since pregnancy is a huge stressor on the body. There is always some underlying reason for pain because pain is your body telling you something needs attention. A warning signal. So while it is common, we should never think of it as normal and should strive to fix the source of the pain.

The soft pelvis, which is composed of muscles and connective tissue, connects the torso with the legs. In other words: there is a lot going on in there! It can influence the course of your birth as the baby has to navigate the shape these muscles and connective tissue leave in the pelvis.

A Body in Balance A lot of discomfort comes from using our bodies unevenly, in other words- our lifestyle is a pattern of repeated movements. We get out of our side of the car by putting one foot out first- right leg for the driver; left for the passenger. We like to sit a particular way perhaps with legs crossed. I bet you even have a preference for how you get out of the shower. . People are creatures of habit which is good in a sense that automation saves time but this leads to the shortening of some the muscles and ligaments while others stay long. It becomes more obvious that there is an unbalance in pregnancy because the pelvis becomes more mobile (thanks hormones).

So what can we do?

Spinning Babies is a wonderful technique for body balancing. It teaches how to move and rest in such a way that we evenly use our bodies.

Sitting on a fitness ball can help to relieve pelvic pain. Bonus that you can rock on it and release endorphins (which is a natural pain relief).

Seeing a Physical Therapist and/or a Chiropractor can be helpful. The Physical Therapist will show you how to stretch and move to relieve the pain. The Chiropractor can help by releasing blockages in your system, give helpful pointers, and help to balance your body so that the reason for the pain can be corrected.

Belly belt (or a rebozo) can give support and give your muscles a break.

These tips can fix pelvic pain or, unfortunately, the pain may be there to stay. But it is worth trying to fix the source of the pain.