In pregnancy, we spend a lot of effort trying to relax and be stress-free. Perhaps we even stress about being stressed. I know I did. And the fluctuating hormones sure don’t help! So in comes C-tactile massage, it lowers anxiety and creates a feeling of deep connection and contentment. Which are things all people need but especially in pregnancy.

How does it work?
Why by manipulating hormones of course! C-tactile massage uses a light touch to stimulate neurons in the skin called c-tactile afferents. They send signals to the limbic system, which is the emotion regulation part of the brain. The limbic system then releases dopamine and serotonin and at the same time decreases the stress hormone cortisol.

The best part is that your partner can do this massage easily. It’s not physically demanding like a deep tissue massage and a youtube tutorial will explain how. Set the mood with some candles, soft music, and perhaps aroma therapy. Grab your favorite massage oil and you’re good to go. Of course a trained professional is well… professional. But a partner massage is still good.

To make a long story short: c-tactile massage is delicious and you need it.