I would define myself as passionately curious. I have a very strong love for learning and am always reading and asking questions. Currently I am writing and illustrating a Children’s book called Kid’s Amazing Book of Childbirth (working title) to share my knowledge and normalize birth for people at the time when the mistrust of our bodies begins- childhood. You can check it out here.

When I am not working, I am with my three children, usually in nature. They are learning plant identification for traditional medicine and I couldn’t be more proud when a parent calls me to inquire about something my daughter said about a plant. Otherwise I enjoy cooking, handwork, and a good conversation over drinks.

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I am originally from Houston,Texas. I attended U of H Downtown and worked in the Veterinary industry for a little over five years. I quit working with animals when I had my first baby in 2012 and that’s really when my interest in childbirth began. I was fascinated by this whole new territory. I had been to a couple of friend’s births before but they were very in keeping with the modern-american style and treated these women like baby making machines (which we are not- we’re people of course!) that have come in to be serviced. So when I found myself pregnant I refused to go that route (read: I was terrified). I found myself a midwife and a birthing clinic. I devoured all the information I could on physiology and pain management. And by the time the big day arrived I was no longer scared- I had made childbirth normal and I had a flexible plan for what I wanted. The birth went well and I went on to have two more babies at home- one in Pennsylvania and the third here in our home in Amstelveen.

For my clients I offer informational and physical support because this is what I needed when I had my babies. This took away my fear and left me feeling confident and satisfied, just as I hope to help you feel.


My doula training was through BiA Doula in Amsterdam and am now working towards certifying. I am also a member of NbvD or Nederlandse beroepsvereniging voor Doula, the board that ensures doulas follow a strict code of conduct and meet a certain standard.

I attended a workshop for Spinning Babies in the beginning of October 2019. This is a very interesting and beneficial practice that includes prenatal stretches and also stretches to respond to what the body needs in labor to make for a smoother birth without medical intervention. You can read more about Spinning Babies at

I recently completed a nutrition and lifestyle for preconception through pregnancy course. I have curated my menu with what I have learned in mind.