• Home Birth Check List

    I’ve been noticing in The Netherlands midwives are telling clients that all they need for their home birth is the Kraampakket but then at the birth they are asking for a lot more than what is inside the kraampakket.

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  • Stemming in Labor

    A Mental Place Called Laborland
    In labor, women do all kinds of things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. They are in a different head space than usual; a mental place called Laborland. A lot of the things they get up to can be classified as Stemming as they are purely responding to the needs of their body.

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  • Food For Thought series: Food Diary

    When I was pregnant with my second child in Pennsylvania, I was asked in my midwife’s intake paperwork to keep a food diary for three days. I was confused and slightly intimidated. But I did it anyway. I feel like I learned so much about my habits just by writing down what I ate and when. In the end, I am not sure that my midwife even looked at it but I am glad she asked me to do it.

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  • Lower Your Stress Hormones in Two Minutes

    I had to watch a TEDx video for my Childbirth Educator class about non verbal communication. The topic was how a life hack that is simple and has been scientifically proven to make us feel more confident, empowered, and less stressed. It involved assuming a ‘powerful’ pose for two minutes. It works by raising Testosterone and lowering Cortisol. You can watch the TEDx video here:

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  • Postpartum Series: Kraamverzorgers and Postpartum Doulas

    The least talked about part of pregnancy is what comes after- the Postpartum period. I know we are all busy trying to prepare for a new baby and the birth itself (don’t forget managing the pregnancy) but we can’t overlook ourselves in the postpartum. Which is why as a doula I spend time prenatally with clients helping them understand and plan for what is to come. And now I have created this series to discuss the realities of life in the Postpartum. I would like to start this series discussing the Kraamzorg service and Postpartum Doulas.

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  • The Rocking Chair

    I bet when you think of a rocking chair you envision soothing a baby with it. But did you know that in the US once upon a time it was very popular to rock in a rocking chair during labor? Women still use it today; it’s just not as common with all the other, more assisted ways of pain relief. But I think we should really bring it back.

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  • Birth - A Family Affiar?

    Do children belong at a birth?

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  • C Tactile Massage

    In pregnancy, we spend a lot of effort trying to relax and be stress-free. Perhaps we even stress about being stressed. I know I did. And the fluctuating hormones sure don’t help! So in comes C-tactile massage, it lowers anxiety and creates a feeling of deep connection and contentment. Which are things all people need but especially in pregnancy.

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  • Food For Thought series: beets

    Beetroots are a strange vegetable: odd color, strange earthy flavor, changes your pee and poo color. It doesn’t seem to be at the top of the favorite foods list but it has some super powers that are definitely handy for being pregnant.

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  • Pelvic Pain

    Pelvic pain is common in pregnancy and unfortunately sometimes after the birth as well. Which is not surprising since pregnancy is a huge stressor on the body. There is always some underlying reason for pain because pain is your body telling you something needs attention. A warning signal. So while it is common, we should never think of it as normal and should strive to fix the source of the pain.

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