• I don’t need a Doula

    I have three children and have given birth four times. I never thought for a minute I needed a Doula. In fact my main goal was to limit how many people attended my births. My births were totally manageable, I loved and trusted my birth team, I birthed with confidence, and I felt a deep satisfaction afterwards. Totally beautiful births.

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  • Loose teeth in pregnancy

    Do you ever feel like one or more of your teeth are loose? I have and it is a really unnerving feeling. I felt like surely I’m just imagining things; my teeth could not simply be ‘loose’. But evidently relaxin, the hormone responsible for relaxing the ligaments in the pelvis, also affects our teeth. I wasn’t crazy- my teeth were really moving!

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  • Food For Thought series: Calcium

    Recently I saw an article arguing for adding calcium to all prenatal vitamins. Calcium is very important: Calcium builds strong bones and muscles among many other things. The argument for the supplementation in the Netherlands is that not having enough Calcium in pregnancy can lead to Preeclampsia.

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