• C Tactile Massage

    In pregnancy, we spend a lot of effort trying to relax and be stress-free. Perhaps we even stress about being stressed. I know I did. And the fluctuating hormones sure don’t help! So in comes C-tactile massage, it lowers anxiety and creates a feeling of deep connection and contentment. Which are things all people need but especially in pregnancy.

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  • Food For Thought series: beets

    Beetroots are a strange vegetable: odd color, strange earthy flavor, changes your pee and poo color. It doesn’t seem to be at the top of the favorite foods list but it has some super powers that are definitely handy for being pregnant.

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  • Pelvic Pain

    Pelvic pain is common in pregnancy and unfortunately sometimes after the birth as well. Which is not surprising since pregnancy is a huge stressor on the body. There is always some underlying reason for pain because pain is your body telling you something needs attention. A warning signal. So while it is common, we should never think of it as normal and should strive to fix the source of the pain.

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  • I don’t need a Doula

    I have three children and have given birth four times. I never thought for a minute I needed a Doula. In fact my main goal was to limit how many people attended my births. My births were totally manageable, I loved and trusted my birth team, I birthed with confidence, and I felt a deep satisfaction afterwards. Totally beautiful births.

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  • Loose teeth in pregnancy

    Do you ever feel like one or more of your teeth are loose? I have and it is a really unnerving feeling. I felt like surely I’m just imagining things; my teeth could not simply be ‘loose’. But evidently relaxin, the hormone responsible for relaxing the ligaments in the pelvis, also affects our teeth. I wasn’t crazy- my teeth were really moving!

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  • Food For Thought series: Calcium

    Recently I saw an article arguing for adding calcium to all prenatal vitamins. Calcium is very important: Calcium builds strong bones and muscles among many other things. The argument for the supplementation in the Netherlands is that not having enough Calcium in pregnancy can lead to Preeclampsia.

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