Here is my latest Project: Kid’s Amazing Book of Childbirth! (working title)

Inside you’ll find fun and easily explained subjects such as anatomy, physiology, what’s in the midwife’s bag, nesting: mothers in the wild,Preparing to be a big sibling just to name a few.

There’s loads of great activities including hands on demonstrations, word search, coloring, and more.

This book is intended for children ages 4 and up. Some ideas may be too complicated for a 4 year old but that is ok! The best part is how much young children retain and build upon later. Not to mention taking the fear and mystery out of childbirth and paving the way to understanding anatomy/physiology (which goes a long way in feeling comfortable and confident in their own skin). What a beautiful gift to give a child. Just be prepared for lots of questions!

And remember: a curious child is a child that is learning!

Siblings that are well informed and feel involved tend to have less negative feelings about their new siblings. For them it feels like it’s their baby too and not a rival or a replacement.