It doesn’t take a dietician to know a fair amount of our experience depends on what nourishment we put in our bodies which is why I offer a beautiful meal service to nourish prenatally or in the postpartum. Most of these things can be prepared to be frozen to build on a freezer stash if you wish.

If you have any dietary restrictions, you can tell me and we can figure out how to work around them.

For €100 you can pick three items listed below:

Soups (serves 6)

Chicken noodle soup with paneer
Made with homemade bone broth to add nutrients to your diet. Bone broth is also an excellent source of collagen which is good for gut and joint health. The paneer adds a pleasant twist to this classic.
Pumpkin lentil (vegan)
Ina May Gaskin once wrote that we should eat orange vegetables for a strong bag of water (amniotic sack). Made with butternut squash and red lentils, it also features chopped spinach.
Curried Pumpkin Lentil (vegan)
Nearly the same as the Pumpkin Lentil mentioned above but with a subtle curry twist.
Tortilla soup
This beautiful Southwest classic is made with tomatoes stewed in Bone broth, Paprika, corn, black beans, rice,chicken, and just the right amount of seasoning. Served with tortilla chips, avocado, and korander.


Beet and feta
Beets just do not get enough credit. They contain bioavailable nitrates which relax blood vessel walls. Meaning you get more oxygen leaving you with more energy and contributes to a healthy blood pressure. The feta is a goat feta coming from boederij Ridammerhoeve. Combined with walnuts and apple in a gut-boosting apple cider vinegar.
Fall harvest salad
Walnuts, blue cheese, and homemade cranberry sauce over a bed of spinach. Served with multi grain crackers.

Mains (serves 6)

Black bean and pumpkin enchiladas
Made with homemade red sauce. Can be made vegetarian.
Rising Moon Lasagna
This recipe was created by a very beautiful midwife in Pennsylvania and is packed with vegetables such as kale and courgettes. Can be made vegetarian.
Red beans and rice
Kidney beans cooked in a perfectly seasoned Bone broth with sausage and peppers. Poured over top of wild rice. All it’s missing is some Tabasco.
Chicken Gumbo
Made with Bone broth, this stew warms your soul. It starts with seasoned Chicken and sausage sizzling in a pan. Then we bring in the paprika, onions, and celery. Next the roux is made nice and dark. Add Bone broth, okra, and a couple of bay leaves. Served with wild rice.


Best Ever Lactation cookies